LCHS Drive Through Registration and Aeries Portal Information 2020  

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year is coming up soon. Since LCHS remains physically closed as a result of the pandemic, we will host registration in a drive through format. Each Small School will be assigned a day and students are asked to come during the window of time assigned to their last name.  Please enter the LCHS Parking lot from the northern entrance closest to the Administration Building.


Small School 3 -  Tuesday, August 18th from 2 - 4 pm, follow daily alpha order
Small School 4 -  Wednesday, August 19th from 2 - 4 pm, follow daily alpha order
Small School 1 -  Thursday, August 20th from 2 - 4 pm, follow daily alpha order
Small School 2 -   Friday, August 21st from 2 - 4 pm, follow daily alpha order 

Daily Alpha Order
1:45 - 2:30: A - G
2:30 - 3:15 H - M
3:15 - 4:00 - N - Z

Station #1 - North Parking Lot - Emergency Card and Signature Page 

TO RECEIVE YOUR TEXTBOOKS you must bring the two-page Student Emergency Card form, printed from the Aeries Portal, and the checked off and signed Signatures and Acknowledgement of Policies form, indicating you have read, agreed to, completed, and electronically submitted the information on the following MANDATORY forms:

  • Notice of Parental Rights

  • Academic Honesty Policy

  • Activities Contract

  • Attendance Policy

  • Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy

  • Chromebook Handbook (7th-12th)

  • Discipline Policy

  • Dress Code Policy

  • Food and Drink Delivery Service Policy

  • Hazing and Bullying policy

  • Technology Use Agreement

Please view documents in the Aeries Parent Portal starting on August 4th. You can review the directions for the process by clicking here: Parent Portal Overview. .

If you are new to La Canada Schools, please look for an email from on Monday, August 3. If any student or family requires support or assistance, please email

Station #2 - Mid Parking Lot - Schedule Pick Up

Pick up your locator card that will include your classes. We recognize that by the time of registration all students will have their schedule, but you will need this locator card as it will have a barcode that must be scanned to check out textbooks. Please log into your Aeries portal to see your finalized student schedule. 


Station #3 - South Parking Lot - Textbook Pick Up

Once you have your schedule, move forward to pick up your textbooks.  8th graders:. If you have any books from last year, please bring them back and hand them in to the volunteers working this station.

Registration in the Time of Covid-19 - An Update on Past Items Not Part of Drive Through Registration

There are some elements of registration that we have traditionally participated in, but do not make sense or are not safe given the realities of the pandemic as of the writing of this note at the end of July, 2020. Please see the list below for specific details:

  • School Pictures - In times when there is no pandemic, taking yearly pictures is a mainstay of the registration process. This year, we will not have picture taking as part of the registration process. When school physically reopens, we will schedule make up picture dates for all those students and families who wish to have school pictures taken and invite LifeTouch Photography to come to campus. We will communicate the make up dates as we know more about when school may reopen. 

  • Lockers - LCHS lockers will not be distributed during the time of school closures or if we come back in a limited capacity. Locker distribution will take place when school resumes and all students are in attendance. If the course of the pandemic results in LCHS remaining physically closed for much of the year, we may forgo locker distribution for the 2020-21 school year. 

  • ID Cards - LCHS administration and support staff are working to provide electronic ID cards based upon student photo submissions. We will work toward distribution of these electronic ID cards by mid-September and will communicate with students and families more details after we begin school on August 17. Like universities, we will ask that students submit a self portrait via a Google form. Pictures will be taken in a standard format and orientation and shot against a neutral background. Details about this will be coming in the days leading up to school. 

  • ASB Purchasing, Yearbook 2020-21, and Athletic donations - These items will still be available at the start of the year, but will not be part of registration as in years past. Please look for additional details about the purchase of ASB, the Alpha Yearbook for 2020-21, and other items on our webstore in the coming weeks.

  • PTA Weekly Emails: Please remember to sign up for PTA weekly emails that provide information on upcoming events and important school information. You can sign up here. This page also takes you to the one form check and has spirit wear items available for order.

  • Instagram and Youtube Updates:  LCHS 7/8 has created an Instagram page where I (Dr. Gold) will be making regular updates.  Please note this an additional form of communication and anything of large importance will be communicated through regular channels including email or phone call. 


Make-Up Registration

It is very important for students to complete the registration process on their assigned date. If it is not possible to attend on the scheduled date, you may write a note authorizing another family member or a designated friend to register for them, if you provide them with the required mandatory Emergency Form and Signature Form.

In the event that a student or his/her designee cannot come during the week of August 17, please contact the school and we will set up another time/date for pick up.  Schedules will NOT be available for pick up from the office, as we are seeking to limit contact with office staff at this time. This means that the IRC will also not be available for walk-in hours to pick up materials.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to 818.952.4293.

Thank you,

Jarrett Gold Ed.D