Thursday, May 21st: Yard Sign Distribution 

We had many great entries to the yard sign design contest but chose Arek Y. as our winner.   The signs are currently being printed and will be distributed next Thursday, May 21st.  Please see the list below to see when you should come,  based on your last name alphabetically.  We will be staged in the front (Oak Grove) parking lot and all you will need to do is pop your trunk, give us a wave (and smile) and we will place the sign and stakes in your trunk.  We will be practicing all safety protocols to ensure cleanliness as we give these signs to the families.  Please proudly display these on your front lawn to recognize the accomplishments of your child.
Time                Last Name
9:00 - 10:00 -     A - D
10:00  - 11:00 -  E - I
11:00  - 12:00 -  J - O
12:00  - 1:00 -    P - S
1:00  -  2:00 -     T - Z