We are seeking 7/8 LCHS Dads to create a Dads Committee/Dads Club to gain increased support for our 7/8 PTA and create a Dads network of specific skill sets that can be called upon throughout the school year for school events, fundraisers, projects, academic programs including Science Olympiad and more.
Our purpose, as we become a committee under the 7/8 LCHS PTA umbrella of school support activities, is to positively impact the lives of all children and families by empowering our members as husbands and fathers to play a more active role in 7/8 LCHS school events and activities as we develop lasting relationships with our community of Dads. The 7/8 LCHS PTA Dad's Committee will be:
  1. meeting and organizing only when needed;
  2. providing specific skills and skill sets for school programs/activities;
  3. creating a network of Dads as role models and friends; and
  4. providing increased support to our 7/8 LCHS PTA while developing meaningful relationships with other 7/8 LCHS Dads. 
We would like to invite anyone interested in helping create or participate in our 7/8 LCHS Dad's Club/Committee to Dish Restaurant, 734 Foothill Blvd, La Canada at 7:00pm on Thursday, October 10, 2019.
Please contact Jerry Cradduck if you have any questions about this wonderful opportunity to be more active in the lives of our children and their families while attending 7th and 8th grade at LCHS. I look forward to hearing from you . . . Go D A Ds Go!!